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Experts Mock Draft Results


2012 Experts Mock Draft (June)

Draft took place June 6, 2012 - June 25, 2012

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF

Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
101 9.05 @draftcalc Santonio Holmes WR CHI 30 6
Holmes isn't exactly a spring chicken, but I think he is more than capable of extremely outperforming this draft value.
102 9.06 @FantasySharks Michael Crabtree WR SF 26 3
103 9.07 (Ben) @BenStandig Jacob Tamme TE DEN 29 4
I'm not sold on this Peyton Manning will be Peyton Manning again line of group thinking that exists out there, not until I see him take some hits anyway...but just in case I'm Matt Millen drafting in the first round level wrong, I'll take Manning's tight end and the one receiver on the Broncos he's actually familiar with.
104 9.08 @thehuddle Malcom Floyd WR SD 32 8
The plan was to wait on one of my favorite sleepers and see where the market value was set, but in need of a receiver I can't hold off on Floyd any longer. I fully expect him to outproduce Meachem... just like he's done each of the previous two seasons.
105 9.09 @kffl Daniel Thomas RB MIA 26 1
Thomas intrigues me this season. Reggie Bush probably enjoyed a career year in 2011, and Lamar Miller may be more of a slot receiver than RB in the NFL. Thomas may not belong to this coaching staff, but he does belong to Jeff Ireland and is only in his second year. A healthy start to the season should do wonders for Thomas. Last year, his confidence was shot, and the injuries robbed him of his speed.
106 9.10 @mschauf63 Lance Moore WR PIT 30 7
This is why I talked myself into Griffin last time around. Moore was a leading candidate for my pick then, and I believe he's one of the best bets around to outperform his ADP. Better health to start the year and the departure of Robert Meachem can only help his playing time and targets. Brees' affinity for him in the red-zone makes Moore a solid scoring bet any week.
107 9.11 @Rotoworld_FB Justin Blackmon WR JAX 24 R
108 9.12 (Matt) @FFToolbox Ryan Williams RB DAL 24 1
RW is a better RB than Beanie Wells. The concerns over his health are legitimate but I know if he plays 16 games, he'll have a great year.
109 10.01 (Matt) @FFToolbox Rashard Mendenhall RB FA 27 4
He's supposed to be out the first six weeks of the season. I'll risk it in Round 10.
110 10.02 @Rotoworld_FB Donald Brown RB SD 27 3
111 10.03 @mschauf63 Pierre Thomas RB NO 29 5
A big year is coming at some point, and I aim to be involved. Thomas is the best all-around RB in this backfield, even if his coaches choose not to acknowledge it. Mark Ingram's continued knee trouble enhances the sleeper status of a guy who finished in low-RB2 range in PPR scoring last year.
112 10.04 @kffl Greg Little WR OAK 25 1
Brandon Weeden should make Little an improve commodity for fantasy purposes. The rookie's strong arm and maturity are his best attributes. Little's rookie season was rather impressive if you consider that he did not play football in 2010 and had no offseason to acclimate himself to the NFL. He may not have a true breakout season in 2012, but a few more trips to the end zone should be in store.
113 10.05 @thehuddle Anquan Boldin WR SF 33 9
If Joe Flacco is, as he claims, the best quarterback in the NFL than getting Boldin here is a steal. I'll settle for another season of triple-digit targets with steady contributions and a couple big weeks where the Ravens force-feed him the football.
114 10.06 (Ben) @BenStandig Mikel Leshoure RB DET 24 1
With my basic roster in place, time for an upside pick.
115 10.07 @FantasySharks Mike Williams WR BUF 27 2
Now that the pressure is off Mike Williams to be a WR1 I see a lot of upside. I have been a fan and keep waiting for him to blossom. I would hate for that to happen on someone else's team. I may be the last person on planet Earth that believes in Josh Freeman but I like what they have done building their team and the wins will come.
116 10.08 @draftcalc San Francisco Def SF    
117 10.09 @FF_Today Toby Gerhart RB JAX 27 2
I was planning to take Hillman. Goes to show kids. When you know what player you want, use the pre-draft feature :wall:
118 10.10 @JameyEisenberg LeGarrette Blount RB PIT 27 2
Stinks when every player you want is drafted right in front of you. Not a big fan of Blount or taking handcuffs this year, but he's the safest RB on the board right now. At least he's motivated, and if Martin goes down, he'll get the full-time gig back. He should score touchdowns also.
119 10.11 @2MugsFF Jay Cutler QB CHI 31 6
Backing up Stafford's cringe worthy shoulders with the toughness of Jay Cutler. If I had waited on a QB anyway, Cutler would have been my guy.
120 10.12 @FansFantasy Brian Quick WR STL 25 R
Risky rookie WR pick 1...could be the top target for Bradford who had to bounce back
121 11.01 @FansFantasy Kendall Wright WR TEN 24 R
Rookie WR pick 2...first round pick will be used in various ways.
122 11.02 @2MugsFF Rashad Jennings RB NYG 29 3
If MJD's holdout get's ugly, Jennings is the next man up. RB depth at this point anyway.
123 11.03 @JameyEisenberg Brandon LaFell WR NE 27 2
Maybe a little early for LaFell here, but he has the chance to do well starting opposite Smitty and playing with Cam.
124 11.04 @FF_Today Carson Palmer QB ARI 34 9
Palmer stepped in last year mid-season with a brand new team and performed, frankly, a lot better than I expected from him. With a proper offseason, more comfort with his teammates and development by his young receivers, Palmer is a decent bet for starter quality fantasy numbers. The somewhat risky Peyton Manning pick provided incentive to take a QB earlier than I might otherwise.
125 11.05 @draftcalc Sam Bradford QB STL 26 2
126 11.06 @FantasySharks Josh Freeman QB FA 26 3
I debated whether I would draft 2 or 3 QBs in this draft and didn't quite have the answer yet. Looking at what is here at other positions, the value feels like QB (it's a 20 round draft) to me so I'll let the draft dictate my decision. As stated last selection, I'm a rare Josh Freeman believer and am pleased to add him. He struggled at the end of last season but so did the entire team. There's a new start for the Bucs, they have improved on both sides of the ball and I think their needle is pointing up.
127 11.07 (Ben) @BenStandig Felix Jones RB FA 27 4
Jones is entering the final year of his rookie contract and is playing behind the equally fragile DeMarco Murray. That's enough to risk taking a shot here and hoping he gets a handful of starts along the way.
128 11.08 @thehuddle Andy Dalton QB CIN 26 1
Was hoping Josh Freeman would slide, but apparently there's at least one other believer. Had Dalton as the next best QB, and with no Ced Benson and an actual offseason of work with his receivers he could be a nice helper.
129 11.09 @kffl Isaiah Pead RB STL 24 R
After Hillman went Pead became my target. Steven Jackson is almost always missing time with some various ailment, and there is no doubt that the team is high on Pead. He should be a valuable PPR asset from an offense starved for playmakers.
130 11.10 @mschauf63 Bernard Scott RB FA 30 3
RB is about to get really bare, so I'll take arguably the highest-upside player still left on the board. I think the poor yardage rates of last season will prove fluky for a guy with big-play speed. Scott nearly doubled his carries in his first season under OC Jay Gruden and should be in for more targets at some point.
131 11.11 @Rotoworld_FB Jacquizz Rodgers RB ATL 24 1
132 11.12 (Matt) @FFToolbox Tony Gonzalez TE FA 38 15
Gonzo is as steady as they come and produces like a low-end TE1.
133 12.01 (Matt) @FFToolbox Michael Floyd WR ARI 24 R
Floyd may not blossom for a year or two but he has a ton of potential.
134 12.02 @Rotoworld_FB Jared Cook TE STL 27 3
135 12.03 @mschauf63 Brent Celek TE PHI 29 5
Dustin Keller vs. Brent Celek: I think both finish among the top 12 TEs, but here I'll take the guy in the much better scoring offense with the better QB.
136 12.04 @kffl Matt Flynn QB GB 29 4
I'm not a believer in Flynn as a breakout quarterback. I am not even sure if I believe he will win the job, but he presents the best backup for me since I waited too long. I never though Josh Freeman would go as someone's third quarterback, although it was my mistake for waiting. I like Joe Flacco better, and even, to a degree, Ryan Fitzpatrick, but Matt Schaub's Week 8 bye limits my choices.
137 12.05 @thehuddle Greg Olsen TE CAR 29 5
A couple of sleeper backs I had queued up (Pead, Rodgers) went off the board, and with Gronk's ankle at least somewhat iffy I'd better grab my tight end insurance now. Dustin Keller was an option but he share's a bye week with Gronk. With no Jeremy Shockey to split stats, Olsen has definite upside.
138 12.06 (Ben) @BenStandig Joe Flacco QB BAL 29 4
Despite the best-ball format of this game, I'm trying to make my picks as a I would in a traditional league. I was hoping Jared Cook or Brent Celek would make it back to me, shucks. Flacco represents the best value perhaps by a lot over the remaining QB's. Even though I have Rodgers, gots to do what I gots to do.
139 12.07 @FantasySharks Laurent Robinson WR --- 29 5
I'm not a big Gabbert fan, I worry the Jags have themselves a dud but Laurent Robinson had a big year last year with the Cowboys. The Cowboys tried hard to resign him but a 5-year deal worth $32.5M, $14M of which is guaranteed cold hard cash in his pocket, convinced Robinson to pack up the moving truck and head to Jacksonville. It's still a bit of a spin of the wheel, but who isn't in the 12th round?
140 12.08 @draftcalc San Francisco Def SF    
141 12.09 @FF_Today Randall Cobb WR GB 23 1
Cobb is a young, flashy, high risk but high upside pick that makes for a decent (not great, just decent) flier at this point, particularly thanks to the potent offense he plays in. More than likely, this pick is a year or two early before we see a worthwhile fantasy return from Cobb, but when you're picking receivers late in a typical league, go for young with upside over older and consistently average. If the pick doesn't pan out, then you can always throw it back on waivers and try again.
142 12.10 @JameyEisenberg Coby Fleener TE IND 25 R
All this tight end flex talk got me fired up, and I would take Fleener as a starter flex or not. He should carry his rapport with Luck from Stanford to the Colts, and he could be great as a rookie and a star down the road.
143 12.11 @2MugsFF Kyle Rudolph TE MIN 24 1
Whether Harvin holds out or not, Ponder will lean on Rudolph a lot this year.
144 12.12 @FansFantasy Ryan Fitzpatrick QB HOU 31 7
Do I get the first 7 weeks or the last 7? They should have the ball more with a better defense. In the 12th round he is a solid backup.
145 13.01 @FansFantasy Owen Daniels TE BAL 31 6
I know he is an injury risk but round 13 seems like stealing.
146 13.02 @2MugsFF Santana Moss WR WAS 35 11
Replacement pick made by Commissioner
147 13.03 @JameyEisenberg Andrew Luck QB IND 24 R
Back to back Colts. Oy vey. I see him as the last No. 2 QB with upside and no job concerns.
148 13.04 @FF_Today Dustin Keller TE FA 29 4
149 13.05 @draftcalc Tim Tebow QB FA 27 2
150 13.06 @FantasySharks Randy Moss WR --- 37 14
The reports have been positive from the 49'ers regarding Moss, there is a lot of unknown here but it seems like a decent gamble for a 13th rounder. Current reports have him starting opposite Michael Crabtree but it's early yet.

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