Week #13 PPR Fantasy Football Rankings: QB
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Week #13 PPR Fantasy Football Rankings

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Fantasy football projections are based on the following scoring system:
  • Pass Yards: 25/1pt
  • Pass TD: 4pts
  • Pass INT: -1pt
  • Rush/Rec Yards: 10/1pt
  • Rush/Rec TD: 6pts
  • Reception: 1pt

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Players not listed due to injury or suspension:
Rank Player NFL
Opp. Injury
Head to
1Matthew Stafford DETGB   B Yes 26.9
2Peyton Manning DEN@KC   A Yes 26.6
3Cam Newton CARTB Que - Ankle B Yes 26.0
4Tony Romo News DALOAK Prob - Back B Yes 24.9
5Tom Brady News NE@HOU   C Yes 23.2
6Drew Brees NO@SEA   B Yes 22.9
7Carson Palmer ARI@PHI   B Yes 22.4
8Josh McCown TB@MIN   D Yes 22.4
9Nick Foles PHIARI   C Yes 21.6
10Andy Dalton CIN@SD   B Yes 21.5
11Philip Rivers SDCIN   A Yes 21.2
12Russell Wilson SEANO   B Yes 21.1
13Colin Kaepernick News SFSTL   C Yes 20.2
14Ryan Tannehill News MIA@NYJ   A Yes 20.1
15E.J. Manuel BUFATL   C Yes 20.1
16Robert Griffin III WASNYG Prob - Knee B Yes 19.8
17Alex Smith KCDEN   C Yes 19.8
18Eli Manning NYG@WAS Prob - Ankle C Yes 19.7
19Matt Ryan News ATL@BUF   A Yes 19.7
20Ryan Fitzpatrick HOU@IND   C Yes 19.5
21Matt Flynn GB@DET   C Yes 19.5
22Ben Roethlisberger PIT@BAL   B Yes 19.3
23Andrew Luck News INDTEN   B Yes 18.7
24Mike Glennon TB@CAR   B Yes 17.9
25Brandon Weeden DALJAX   C Yes 17.8
26Joe Flacco BALPIT Prob - Knee B Yes 17.6
27Matt McGloin OAK@DAL   C Yes 17.6
28Christian Ponder MINCHI   C Yes 17.1
29Case Keenum HOUNE   C Yes 16.7
30Chad Henne JAX@CLE   B Yes 13.7
31Kellen Clemens SD@SF   C Yes 13.1
32Geno Smith News NYJMIA   D Yes 12.1
33Terrelle Pryor SEA@DAL   C Never 7.2

We review all the weekly matchups and available information and create weekly rankings. This is free fantasy football advice based upon our opinions and therefore we are not responsible for their total accuracy, but if you spot an error, such as an injured player being ranked, please let us know. Please post your lineup questions in our Forum and our staff will attempt to assist you with your starting lineups and provide even more free fantasy football help and tips.

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