Fantasy Football 2013 dynasty Rankings: : WR
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2013 Dynasty League Rankings

My Dynasty rankings are predicated on a three year window. To project six seasons long term is unrealistic and not feasible considering the flux of free agency and the injury impact of the NFL. Along with different Dynasty league formatting. I factor individual talent, supporting cast, system, injury history/character concerns, and perceived value in the eyes of Dynasty players.

Hopefully the record chase doesn't lead to him being worn down, letting you down. No one will see more targets. Except maybe Marshall!

2. A.J. Green, WR, CIN - Age 25

Next best talent but a bit limited by his OC and QB. As limited as can be 2nd overall.

3. Dez Bryant, WR, DAL - Age 25

Finally merged his physical with mental game to end 2012 on a tear. Still some maturity questions and gets dinged a bit.
You could argue over the next 3 years he'd be a bit higher but combining his and Cutler's personalities can be scary...good or bad. Looks like they picked up where they left.
He is this low based on Roddy W being arguably as productive, and Gonzo going one more rodeo.
I am actually leery of his long term health ability. But he's bucked the odds and his perceived value is sky high.
Proved to be pretty consistent after his breakout. Nicks isn't reliable and RR needs seasoning. I'm over the dancing though..
Speaking of, his reliability is unmatched and is still explosive. He earns this based on that and Ryan still loves him best.
Had a great year especially for TD production. Manning doesn't have long in the hourglass but if I'm correct about DT, Decker will benefit most. Rising star here..

10. Randall Cobb, WR, GB - Age 23

Percy light, fantastic catch to target ratio, but may not see that many more.
Surpassed my expectations but the Bucs may move on from Freeman and I'm not a Glennon buyer.

12. Wes Welker, WR, DEN - Age 33

Not much a drop at QB but more competition for targets.
Sad as it is, this maybe too high a rank. Always one of the league's top targets, he gets a bump in rank thanks to Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer.
Gamble here that the foot is fine and RG can still throw. Garcon can be top 10 with both happening.

15. T.Y. Hilton, WR, IND - Age 24

Looking at the target ratio in comparison to R Wayne, this guy will be a star sooner then later with Luck.

16. Jordy Nelson, WR, GB - Age 29

Ultra productive target ratio and now will be on the field more then ever before. Another leg injury to start the season, this is becoming chronic.

17. Percy Harvin, WR, SEA - Age 26

Tough injury to derail the excitement but he's still young, still ultra talented and still playing with Wilson..eventually. He'll bump up fast.
Will produce from the continual massive targets but disappoint in the RZ as usual.

19. Mike Wallace, WR, MIA - Age 27

Should thrive from a move and new contract. But may take a bit with that ugly O-Line

20. James Jones, WR, OAK - Age 30

He has a the goods to be a top WR starting with Aaron Rodgers
He can rise from here in a hurry but I want to see some consistency and no injuries for a stretch.
More about circumstance opportunity then his sheer talent. Someone in your league will love him pretty deeply, let him and move him to that guy.

23. Dwayne Bowe, WR, KC - Age 29

His QB improved and his HC, still far and away lead target dog.

24. Torrey Smith, WR, BAL - Age 25

Will get plenty targets, at least for most of this season.
Working hard in off season conditioning and has a real shot to become legit within the Trestman system after his rookie injury derailed him.

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