Fantasy Football 2013 dynasty Rankings: : WR
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2013 Dynasty League Rankings

My Dynasty rankings are predicated on a three year window. To project six seasons long term is unrealistic and not feasible considering the flux of free agency and the injury impact of the NFL. Along with different Dynasty league formatting. I factor individual talent, supporting cast, system, injury history/character concerns, and perceived value in the eyes of Dynasty players.

26. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, HOU (R) - Age 22

The most pro ready WR landed in a decent spot but AJ will still glom the targets for at least another season.

27. Josh Gordon, WR, CLE - Age 23

Talented player that can't afford another strike but the situation is good and OC Norv will throw.

28. Hakeem Nicks, WR, IND - Age 26

Legs just not made for a long NFL career.

29. Cecil Shorts, WR, JAX - Age 26

No more concussions please!
Believe his talent will carry him over the abysmal QB play to be productive. Now his character threatens his short and long term career.
Entering his 8th year seems longer. Will still show up especially until the Saints find another WR.

32. Tavon Austin, WR, STL (R) - Age 23

I think he maybe dropping not rising when he doesn't live up to the lofty draft expectations.
Put up or shut up in the Chip Kelly system for the deep post diva.
I like his prospects for the next couple seasons with all the young WR's on the Minny roster.

35. Reggie Wayne, WR, IND - Age 35

I'm not anticipating the ridiculous amount of targets again, but he still moves well and Luck will get better. Can still produce with less for a couple more seasons.
More of a glorified RB playing WR his hype potential is enormous but with Ponder and a steep learning curve, this is his spot for now.

37. Miles Austin, WR, CLE - Age 30

Still one of the most talented WR's that gets derailed by an injury every year, but potential is for the younger players.
New system, new QB's and Coaches, new WR' new upside for SJ.

39. Vincent Brown, WR, SD - Age 25

So enticing to see him blow up last preseason before ankle break. Door is wide open now.
Nice bounce back last year, and they didn't add any threats.
Love the talent and maybe he'll be a viable start with Arians and Palmer..sometimes.

42. Chris Givens, WR, STL - Age 24

Upping his game in year two, true bust out potential.
A forgotten man in a modern day ' triplets' outscored Fitz last season. Great undervalued play

44. Aaron Dobson, WR, NE (R) - Age 23

The first speed, size WR the Pat's have had in forever
Has lead WR talent and a gimpy Nicks, he'll move up.
Guys are returning from this big injuries but a full Achilles tear is a tough one.
Every season something seems to derail him..snake bit! Let someone else suck the venom.
Right place, right time more then his servicable ability.

49. Markus Wheaton, WR, PIT (R) - Age 23

Great combo of savvy speed ability and landing spot, can seize playing time early.
Looking the part of a starting wide receiver.

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