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User Comments for Week 8 DEF Rankings

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Surprised at the high ranking for Steelers and low ranking for Raiders. Statistically, these teams are almost identical on both sides of the ball. Fantasy-wise, Raiders have been much better, with the Steelers near the bottom. And they're playing in Oakland. What are you seeing that I'm not?

Posted by:
Autodidact70 10/22/13 03:14 PM

Im surprised about Denver still ranked so high, you do know RG3 and the Skins have a pretty explosive offense right?, and considering how many points they've given up the last 2 weeks. I dropped them after they got me -6 pts this last week, causing me to lose .

Posted by:
dirty viking 10/24/13 01:06 AM

"...considering how many points they've given up"

That is the key, it doesn't take points given up into account. You can see how it gives points for INT, SACK, etc.

Posted by:
kutmulc 10/24/13 03:17 PM
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