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User Comments for Week 1 QB Rankings

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You have QBs listed under the returners category.

Posted by: 09/03/13 11:08 PM

Same for the IDPs

Posted by:
barkevious 09/04/13 12:35 AM

Individual rankings for defensive players that you had last year are missing on this page.

Posted by:
Jack Sully 09/04/13 06:12 AM

Hi, will the IDPs for this week be updated? Thanks!

Posted by:
babylinux 09/04/13 05:00 PM

RET rankings goes to QB tab?....

Posted by:
neyel8r 09/04/13 10:23 PM

Would also like to know if the idp will be updated this week? Would really help out.

Posted by:
m3mphi5 09/05/13 12:22 AM

Bummed the IDP Rankings won't work. Hoping it will be available later in the week, and for the rest of the season. Thank You!

Posted by:
Pigdaddy 09/05/13 12:37 AM

Where are the weekly IDP rankings! Cmon guys - season is starting tonight!

Posted by:
rotare 09/05/13 12:01 PM

Slow last year on IDP and return too... Hope it picks up...

Posted by:
jtilton23 09/05/13 01:06 PM

To echo other users: I really (really) hope the IDP goes up soon (or at least before the game tonight).

Posted by:
Pisto3 09/05/13 01:37 PM

Can someone with the site please advise us as to when you will be posting the RET and IDP rankings?

Posted by:
revwillied 09/06/13 12:35 PM

Really need the IDP rankings....they were available for my draft last weekend and now show the QB rankings as mentioned in the other posts.

Posted by:
lizardkingz 09/06/13 04:41 PM

Sproles or colston in the flex this week? Help, its a PPR league is what makes this tough. I know after Mannings performance Bree's will have something to prove.

Posted by:
Hgriff1 09/06/13 07:28 PM

No one cares about IDP so stop crying about it!

Posted by:
lancem59 09/07/13 02:15 AM

Hey's Ben with FFToolbox. We're having technical issues with the IDP and returner rankings. Sincere apologies. Instead we have manual returner rankings (

and IDP rankings ( Hit us up with any questions beyond what's here. Thanks.

Posted by:
Ben Standig 09/07/13 02:28 AM

Is someone going to address the issue that there are no IDP projections. I see lots of comments but no answers

Posted by:
dhslusarz 09/07/13 01:00 PM

No offense, Ben, but those links don't help a bit. I hope you guys are working to resolve your technical issues.

Posted by:
revwillied 09/07/13 03:57 PM

revwillied: No offense, but it's a free site. Chill.

Posted by:
ScottytheMenace 09/07/13 05:10 PM

Laughing at lancem59!

Stating that no one cares about IDP's on a message board where everyone is inquiring about IDP's is obviously a transference of your frustration that no one cares about you. I sincerely hope you get the hug you so desperately need... YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE IDP'S!

Thanks to Ben for the update... I look forward to the site getting it's bugs worked out.

Posted by:
Pigdaddy 09/08/13 12:20 AM

ScotttheMenace: Who died and put you charge, pal? Here's a suggestion for you: Mind your own freaking business.

Posted by:
revwillied 09/08/13 10:09 AM

ScotttheMenace: So, it's a free site equates to it's okay to be not fully functional int he way it has been for years? What are you smoking — crack?

Posted by:
revwillied 09/08/13 10:12 AM

When are the stats calculated?

Posted by:
bogwan23 09/09/13 09:42 AM

IDP , IDP, IDP, !!!!!!!!

Posted by:
pisky52 09/10/13 11:52 AM
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