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User Comments for Week 15 QB Rankings

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I have Russell, Smith, and McCown at QB...who should I roll with? I have Russell right now, but am leaning towards McCown since he's on a streak and the likelihood of Cutler returning this week is slim. This is for the championship. Thanks for the help!

Posted by:
joegauck 12/11/13 04:56 PM

Matt Ryan hasn't had 20 points since week 7, yet you guys keep ranking him top 10, week in and week out, I just don't get it.

Posted by:
htrab77 12/12/13 11:22 AM

I have wilson and mccown too, if mccown plays thats who im starting but wilson should do well against giants either way, im full ppr if that helps. With marshall and jeffrey mccown is just too much upside not to start assuming he plays.

Posted by:
WildcardB*tches!! 12/12/13 01:36 PM

About 10 minutes ago Schefter announced Cutler will be starting this week.

Posted by:
wadech83 12/12/13 02:24 PM

Two teams:

Start Wilson or Cutler in standard scoring league?
Start Romo, Luck, or Cutler in PPR scoring league?

Posted by:
mattcurt 12/12/13 03:43 PM

I like Wilson vs NYG (bad weather or not). I like Romo at home even though he's been on a skid but I also like Luck vs HOU... I'd go Wilson/Romo. Cutler could have a good game too if he isn't too rusty. Haden will blanket Marshall, but that Jeffrey kid does some crazy stuff. I think with those players your guess is as good as anyone's as to who will score the most. Good luck dude!

Posted by:
wadech83 12/12/13 04:49 PM

I have Macown and rogers in a standard league. I didn't except cutler to come back who should i pick up? Fitzpatrick, Manual, Glennon, keenum, Mcgloin, Cassel, Flynn or Cambell.

Thanks for the help

Posted by:
tjconn1223 12/12/13 05:51 PM

I'd think Keenum has the most upside, playing in IND so no weather to be a factor. Not sure if I'd take a chance on any of those others except Flynn, cause my Cowboys can't stop a nosebleed lol..

Posted by:
wadech83 12/13/13 09:37 AM

How can you rank Eli Manning (Sea) ahead of Keenum (Indy) and Cousins (ATL?

Posted by:
blenser 12/14/13 02:08 PM

all tds 6pts all turnover -3. cutler @ cleveland in wind and flurries or roll the dice w cousins @ atlanta?

Posted by:
sawick48 12/14/13 02:50 PM

Now that Cutler is starting not the most impressive choice but Kaepernick or Cutler in the Snow?

Posted by:
Nfamous209 12/14/13 07:16 PM

Seahawk fans sure do troll everywhere.

Posted by:
Nfamous209 12/14/13 07:46 PM

Cutler or Luck? I am leaning towards Cutler but Luck put up major points last week. On my bench. Groan.

Posted by:
dawnie818 12/15/13 11:39 AM
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