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User Comments for Week 8 QB Rankings

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I think you're being really generous to Eli manning. He's horrible this year no matter who he pays. as evidenced by last night's game

Posted by:
dirty viking 10/22/13 12:00 PM

Brady or Big Ben?

Posted by:
toy71camaro 10/22/13 01:00 PM

Can we please have bell ringer icons this week

Posted by:
babylinux 10/22/13 01:30 PM

Agreed on Eli. I've started him 3 times based on matchup and have been burned every time. I think he's outside the top 12 this week.

Posted by:
Autodidact70 10/22/13 03:19 PM

Well I've been burned by both Brady and Eli this year, which has led my team to a 3-4 record. Last week Brady posted 230 yards and an INT and killed me. SO, this week:

Eli or Brady?

After watching MNF last week, I feel like I should never start another NYG or PHI player for the rest of the season, but desperate times... At least Eli threw for a TD that game.

Posted by:
liquid2012 10/23/13 08:32 AM

EDIT: "...never start another NYG or MIN player..."

Posted by:
liquid2012 10/23/13 08:33 AM

Eli- you know they will be behind and have no running game!

Posted by:
Hgriff1 10/23/13 09:47 PM

What the hell , Freeman concussed already! Lol I picked him up in hopes he would find himself! We'll I just cut him and it didn't cost me 2 mi

Posted by:
Hgriff1 10/24/13 08:42 AM

The problem with the NYG on MNF is that they had no running game OR passing game - it was sad to watch! Freeman was no better, either.

So you think Eli this week over Brady... I'm still torn lol.... I'll probably go with Eli, then...

Posted by:
liquid2012 10/24/13 08:48 AM

Lets see, all NE WRs are back. Gronk is back. Bolden if filling in nicely for Vereen. Ridley looks good again. We're still doubting Brady?

Posted by:
myusernameexists 10/24/13 09:45 AM

Big ben destroyed the raiders last year im going with him over eli

Posted by:
dschapin 10/24/13 03:00 PM

newton or rg3?

Posted by:
criffrock 10/24/13 06:04 PM

I have a complaint on your Cam Newton being projected ahead of Stafford. I have both QB's on my ESPN team and Stafford is in the zone right now (and besides having the best WR in NFL at 100% health, he is playing the Cowboys who's pass D is ranked 31st). Where as Cam is very up & down (only good games were vs. NYG & MINN,).

Posted by:
EL_GuaPo 10/24/13 08:07 PM

Cam played great!

Posted by:
kutmulc 10/25/13 04:12 PM

I have Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford. Who would you play this weekend? I feel that Lions at home against Dallas will be very pass happy. Green Bay's offense is dinged up. What do you think?

Posted by:
dhagz 10/26/13 02:40 PM
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