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User Comments for Week 10 RB Rankings

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I have the top 3 rbs this week! (Peterson, Lacy, Morris)

Posted by:
BJFROESE 11/05/13 11:42 AM

Andre Brown is playing.

Posted by:
tywells1 11/05/13 12:32 PM

No significant updates are done to the rankings until Wednesday...

Posted by:
liquid2012 11/05/13 01:40 PM

Why oh why does MJD still get love from these rankings? I have MJD, safely secured to my bench for weeks now, where he belongs... why even put him in the top 15 RBs, regardless of matchup? JAX is terrible this year and MJD isn't much better.

Posted by:
liquid2012 11/06/13 09:44 AM

I need some input...thanks.....Is Brandon Jacobs or Peyton Hillis worth keeping anymore???

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/06/13 11:21 AM

No, both dropable.

Posted by:
BJFROESE 11/06/13 04:17 PM

Why is Jeremy Stewart ranked 4th as a running back in a basic scoring league in week 10?

Posted by:
DouglasMichalec 11/06/13 06:23 PM

Who should I start, Jones-Drew or Zac Stacy? The match-up looks better for JD but he has been terrible this year.

Posted by:
morts519 11/07/13 03:50 PM

rice or mjd ppr?

Posted by:
criffrock 11/07/13 05:11 PM

Why is Ellington so low? D. Murray or Ellington ppr?

Posted by:
punkthumper 11/08/13 04:35 AM


Posted by:
icbomber11 11/08/13 06:54 AM

Peyton Hillis or Montee Ball…ppr league 14 teams not a lot of options

Posted by:
icbomber11 11/08/13 06:55 AM

morts: Stacy (look at his production, trust it)
criffrock: mjd (rice is no good)
icbomber: Ball, he only had 3 less carries than moreno last week and I think he will get more chances, with Moreno (eventually) ending up a 3rd down back.

Posted by:
BJFROESE 11/08/13 08:13 AM

I see you took A Brown - NYG off the 'not listed' list but have yet to post him in the rankings. Are you planning on getting caught up????????????

Posted by:
Philly Phanatic! 11/08/13 10:36 AM

@Morts Both are excellent this week. I'd lean Stacy. Too hot to bench.
@Criffrock - I'd start MJD this week over Rice. Heavily involved in the offense and a good matchup.
@punk - Ellington is 23rd overall. We like him as an RB2 this week but Mendenhall is back to steal a few carries. I'd start Murray in the Saints game. Lots of dumpers coming.
@Icbomber - I'd lean Hillis who is more important to the team right now.
@Philly P Brown is listed sir. Had to wait on updates from our stat/player provider. Limited this week.

Posted by:
teamlegacy 11/08/13 10:48 AM

DeMarco Murray or Rashad Jennings ppr?

Posted by:
Raiderhater1969 11/08/13 01:48 PM

this was kind of asked above, but i cant understand why ellington is not top 20 in these rankings. He totally scorched Atlanta last week who hadn't been that bad against the run, and, other than a bad game at seattle, has had reasonably consistent production the last few weeks. On the other hand, a questionable richardson, thomas, mjd, woodhead are ranked ahead of him? It cant be because its a time share because a number of those players are in timeshares too. I don't really see the matchup being as bad as to put him behind richardson. So, again, I really can't see the logic here.

Anyway, love the site and podcast. I've been coming here for going on three years now. Thanks!

Posted by:
dparrott79 11/08/13 04:52 PM

Gio Bernard or Mike James?

Posted by:
Jer21 11/08/13 06:58 PM

Ben Tate or MJD or Cecil Shorts at Flex?

Posted by:
Bhjewel 11/10/13 12:01 AM

Which 2 RB's should I start this week? LeSean McCoy, Eddie Lacy, C.J. Spiller, DeMarco Murray, LeVeon Bell and Chris Johnson? I am in a 6 man league, and need all the help I can get!!

Posted by:
Otth 11/10/13 09:31 AM
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