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User Comments for Week 12 TE Rankings

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It kinda sucks to have had Cameron at the TE position doing so well before Jason Campbell took over the QB duties. The last two games Campbell checks the ball down more to his running back than he targets Cameron. Since Cameron has become his third, and even his fourth option anymore, it's hard not to go get Fleener in this week's match up... especially, since he's had 10 targets apiece in both of his last two games with Luck.

Posted by:
maverickjohn 11/19/13 02:47 PM

Couldnt agree more, if hoyer doesnt get injured cameron stays the #2 fantasy tight end behind graham, but campbell just sucks and isnt utilizing the talent in front of him

Posted by:
WildcardB*tches!! 11/20/13 02:08 PM

Witch to starts?
Delaine Walker or Jordan Reed?

Posted by:
splinter25 11/20/13 05:42 PM
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