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User Comments for Week 4 TE Rankings

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I'm lucky enough to have both Cameron and Thomas...some sites have them side-by-side this week. Who do I go with?

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/24/13 03:04 PM

Hard I know Cin defense has been pretty solid this year not sure how they are vs TE position though. It's hard to know with Manning have so man targets on that team whether or not Thomas will get any took Decker till week 3 to really get anything worth noting. I dunno I would go with Thomas against the eagles unless there is a weakness in Cin D vs. TEs.

Posted by:
Nfamous209 09/24/13 07:23 PM

@Nfamous209 according to yahoo, Cin D is 10th best at stopping TE's. Phil D is 14th best. It is a tough call what might be the swing vote is that the guy I'm playing has Manning so if I play Thomas, I may come out better....OR Manning throws everywhere else and I get screwed. Flip side-Cleveland has only one other person to throw to in Gordon...this is for sure my tough call of the week!

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/24/13 09:29 PM

Yeah definitely a tough choice. I have both of them also on different teams though.

Posted by:
Nfamous209 09/25/13 12:53 AM

When making a decision this difficult at the WR or TE position, the usual tie breaker for me is "Which offense has the better Quarterback or is likely to have more passing attempts and score more passing TDs?"

I know Peyton spreads the ball around, but he is so good that there is PLENTY to go around. I would take Thomas over Cameron unless the matchup clearly swayed me otherwise.

Posted by:
steveswanzy 09/25/13 12:55 AM

I'm lucky enough to have Gonzalez and Cameron. Which one would you start?

Posted by:
Tiedyedhawk 09/26/13 11:15 PM

Cameron all the way... What do people think about Chandler (Bills) or Fleener (Colts) Im caught between bye weeks with Olsen.....

Posted by:
dannyboy777 09/27/13 10:52 AM


I would probably go with Chandler here. Although the Jaguars defense is terrible, the Colts will most likely gain a large lead early on and abandon the pass and just run the ball. The Bills on the other hand will be forced to pass against the Ravens, who have one of, if not the best, running defense in the league. Chandler being 6 foot 7 makes him a large target, especially in the redzone.

Posted by:
aggie12nds 09/27/13 04:25 PM

Also I am having a little trouble deciding which Tight-End to play: Witten or Cameron?

The Bengals shut down Aaron Rodgers, so just imagine what they'll do to Hoyer. Cameron always seems to end up with the ball though, no matter who they play.
Witten has been inconsistent this year, but always remains Romo's most targeted receiver.

What do y'all think?

Posted by:
aggie12nds 09/27/13 04:28 PM
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