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User Comments for Week 3 WR Rankings

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Are these too early again?

Posted by:
myusernameexists 09/16/13 04:20 PM

You guys still sleepin' on Eddie Royal, eh?

Posted by:
MisterMammoth 09/17/13 09:58 AM

Eric Decker at 7? Guy blanked the first TD's 2nd week. How do you have him this high?

Posted by:
DawgPound1 09/17/13 10:09 AM

I think everyone is sleeping on Eddie Royal, my ESPN league has him at 18% owned, and that's including a 16% uptick from his monstrous week 2...

I have him and want to start him over Bowe - anyone else think I should sit Bowe?

Posted by:
RobesFSU1 09/17/13 11:08 AM

Yeah I am shocked at Decker as well was just thinking about dropping him for Royal. I think Manning has too many options at this point.

Posted by:
Nfamous209 09/17/13 11:14 AM

I'm wondering what y'all think about dropping Kenny Britt and picking up/stashing Percy Harvin for later use. My current WR's, in addition to Britt, include: Vincent Jackson, TY Hilton, Michael Floyd & Chris Givens...not exactly my strongest position.

Posted by:
jfarrell04 09/17/13 11:50 AM

Drop Britt, he's not happy, source twitter.

Posted by:
myusernameexists 09/17/13 03:52 PM

I think mike wallace should be higher than gordan for this week. He is going to be rusty

Posted by:
thotho 09/17/13 06:27 PM

plus Gordon has no QB to throw to him. I am also wondering about Gordon

Posted by:
sargo1942 09/18/13 08:32 AM

drop Britt. I'm about to pick up/stash Harvin too. To me, yes its an injury that took him out for a while, but its not one that should make an owner nervous he will not perform like he did, plus coming into a offense/ team like Seattle...he could be one of the best ever players ready to coming in mid season and take your team through the playoffs!

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/18/13 08:43 AM

you don't have Jeffery, Simpson or Douglas shown???

Posted by:
jlvn1936 09/18/13 12:38 PM

For Rest of Season I am considering dropping Eric Decker Manning has way too many targets to feed it seems. Would you guys drop Decker to get Royal or DeAndrae Hopkins?

Posted by:
Nfamous209 09/18/13 08:04 PM

Hold on to Decker. He leads Denver in targets right now and will get his touchdowns eventually.

Posted by:
TrungCanidate 09/19/13 12:51 AM

I really think Russell Wilson will have a break out game this weekend vs. Jacksonville....should be ranked a bit higher.

Posted by:
flexnfx 09/19/13 01:59 AM

Should I start Vincent Brown or Kembrell Thompkins as my wr3 this week? It's a PPR league.

Posted by:
beerboy44 09/19/13 01:46 PM

Dwayne Bowe #8? No wonder all of this info is free.

Posted by:
tevaulam 09/20/13 07:15 AM

Dwayne Bowe killed me last night. One catch for small yards? Ouch.
Avery was getting all the targets.

Posted by:
VikingLion 09/20/13 09:35 AM

Two WR spots left on my roster. Fill it with:
Marlon Brown
Andre Roberts
Stephen Hill
TY Hilton
Kenbrell Thompkins?

Posted by:
drumbum811 09/20/13 02:14 PM

@tevaulam Because the paid sites all employ Nostradamus.

Posted by:
myusernameexists 09/20/13 04:35 PM

PR/KR info has to be updated. I have two leagues that reward those yards - input into the site based on that scoring - but not reflected in the weekly rankings. That's what brought me to this site two years ago but is KILLING me this season.

Posted by:
jmw1480 09/21/13 06:52 AM
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