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User Comments for Week 5 WR Rankings

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Who should I start at flex this week, Hakeem Nicks, Kenbrell Thompkins or Chris Johnson???

Posted by:
zimm43 10/01/13 03:40 PM

id say chris for sure, giants blow and gronk is coming back

Posted by:
strahl9 10/01/13 04:30 PM

stevie johnson or nate washington? stevie plays joe haden

Posted by:
strahl9 10/01/13 04:31 PM

Pick 2: Chris Johnson, Darren Sproles, Kenbrell Thompkins or Reggie Wayne. This is a 0.5 PPR league.

My analysis: Sproles went off this past week, but I doubt he'll repeat that against the Bears and Reggie has a tough matchup with Sherman. Gronk coming back may hurt Thompkins... but it could take pressure off of him too, hard to say, and Chris Johnson may actually benefit with Locker being out, even though KC has a stingy run defense. Still like to hear your guy's thoughts

Posted by:
Zpak15 10/01/13 06:36 PM

and Strahl9, I'd go with Nate Washington, Haden doesn't mess around, plus he'll beat up on Old Stevie Johnson. He's shut down much bigger and more physical guys. Chances are Tennessee will be playing from behind this week, so Nate Washington should benefit from Fitz. Check on reports seeing how Fitz is vibing with the WRs throughout the week

Posted by:
Zpak15 10/01/13 06:38 PM

Josh Gordon or Randall Cobb on Flex

Posted by:
adrock31 10/01/13 11:50 PM

I already have my 2 locks at receiver, but I'm stuck on a third.
Stevie Johnson vs Cle - joe Haden
Kendall wright vs KC
Brandon Lafell vs Ari

Posted by:
Gmills30 10/03/13 10:23 AM

I'm debating on Stevie Johnson as well. My only other options are Streater (oak) and A. Jeffrey (CHI). Who should I start?

Posted by:
taylor.pharmd 10/03/13 11:59 AM

Is Danny Woodhead on the list of RBs? I can't find him.

Posted by:
trikibobber 10/03/13 01:18 PM

Oops! Never mind.

Posted by:
trikibobber 10/03/13 01:19 PM

Everyone who has stevie johnson, great wr. but dont play him this week, joe haden is a beast. other avaliable guys in free agency such as vincent brown, nate washington or stephen hill would be better plays

Posted by:
strahl9 10/03/13 04:16 PM

Who is a better player to pick up for the future. Rashad Jennings, Danny woodhead, or Andre Ellington?

Posted by:
Gmills30 10/03/13 05:36 PM

Wrong board

Posted by:
Gmills30 10/03/13 05:37 PM

stevie johnson sits, i grabbed woods from BUF to be my flex this week, and gotta decide to start wayne vs haden or jus use j. edelman from N.E.

Posted by:
Cameron.s74 10/03/13 05:46 PM

why are there no san diego recievers in the top 30... philly rivs has to throw to someone.

Posted by:
strahl9 10/05/13 12:57 PM

Should I start M. Wallace or James Jones PPR? Thanks!

Posted by:
las8 10/05/13 11:02 PM

I actually have Marlon Brown and D. Richardson (it's for a flex spot), but I wasn't even considering either of them. Even though Brown is projected the most of the four. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cameron came back down to earth this week so I am off to a bad start. Thanks again!

Posted by:
las8 10/05/13 11:04 PM

which 4 should i start david wilson lamar miller danny woodhead anquan boldin or kenbrell thompkins? Thanks

Posted by:
tmurphy55 10/06/13 09:07 AM

Danny Amendola please don't Jew me! I definitely do not want to start him but Marlon Brown as a replacement isn't much better this week.

Posted by:
Taberizzo 10/06/13 11:58 AM
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