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User Comments for Week 13 K Rankings

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You guys are delusional. It's amazing how when Hartley and the Saints play an easy team you're all over ranking Hartley as a top 5 kicker knowing that they will get more touchdowns than field goals, but when the Saints play a tough defensive team like Seattle, for some reason you think that they won't kick any field goals. I'll take a 3 field goal and two extra points game any day over a game where Hartley kicks 5 extra points and no field goals.

Posted by:
maverickjohn 12/01/13 12:19 AM

Kudos for recognizing Justin Tucker as a highly ranked (#1 this week) kicker. Other sites didn't even have him in the top 18 with Baily coming in at #5. I dumped Baily for Tucker and am very glad I did. 19 points for me this week. woot!

Posted by:
Heartland25 12/01/13 11:52 AM
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