Fantasy Football 2014 dynasty Rankings: : QB
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2014 Dynasty League Rankings

My Dynasty rankings are predicated on a three year window. To project six seasons long term is unrealistic and not feasible considering the flux of free agency and the injury impact of the NFL. Along with different Dynasty league formatting. I factor individual talent, supporting cast, system, injury history/character concerns, and perceived value in the eyes of Dynasty players.

The best combination of proven production and remaining shelf life of any QB on the market. - Trade Value 5 Stars
His production to date doesn't warrant this ranking, but I just get a feeling that we're watching the next great one. - Trade Value 5 Stars

3. Cam Newton, QB, CAR - Age 25

He may not be the third best QB in the NFL, but he's still young and his track record of FF production is excellent. - Trade Value 5 Stars

4. Drew Brees, QB, NO - Age 35

Production has been tremendous. How long can he keep it up? He may only have 2-3 years of his peak left. - Trade Value 4 Stars

5. Nick Foles, QB, PHI - Age 25

Is it premature to rank him this high? Possibly, but it's hard to fluke your way to the kind of dominant season Foles had in 2013. If he can remain anywhere near that level, he's going to be a good one. - Trade Value 4 Stars
A better player in FF than in the NFL. I think you'd see his totals drop if the Lions became more balanced and less dependent on the pass. That's the big risk. - Trade Value 5 Stars
The efficiency is there, but you have to hope that at some point Seattle will take off the training wheels and ramp up his number of pass attempts. Until that happens, he's going to be a spotty FF option. - Trade Value 4 Stars
A runner who was unconvincing as a passer this season. I still think he has a pretty bright future. - Trade Value 5 Stars
Had a shocking sophomore season after his stellar debut campaign. Which is the real RG3? The guy we saw in 2012 or the guy we saw this past year? - Trade Value 4 Stars
One of the top short window options. He should be a strong contender for the QB1 spot once again in 2014, so if you're an immediate contender looking for an immediate edge, he could be a great option. Long term, his days are obviously numbered. - Trade Value 3 Stars

11. Tom Brady, QB, NE - Age 36

Like a lesser version of Peyton. He'll give you a potential shot in the arm for a year or two, but probably not much beyond that. - Trade Value 3 Stars

12. Matt Ryan, QB, ATL - Age 29

A solid low end QB1. He won't win you many games, but he'll be decent. - Trade Value 4 Stars

13. Philip Rivers, QB, SD - Age 32

Had a big renaissance in 2013. Expect another solid season in 2014. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

14. Tony Romo, QB, DAL - Age 34

A good bargain bin candidate for short window contenders. - Trade Value 3.5 Stars
Somewhat underrated. He's usually solid, but never seems to put it all together for a complete FF season. - Trade Value 2 Stars

16. Jay Cutler, QB, CHI - Age 31

Like a lesser version of Ben or Rivers. You know what you're getting and it won't be great, but he's not awful and his ppg with the Marshall/Jeffery tandem was fairly decent. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

17. Sam Bradford, QB, STL - Age 26

Hasn't done enough to live up to his draft hype thus far, but he may still have the potential to make something of himself. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars
I feel like he's headed for a Flacco/Cutler/Palmer career trajectory, but the mystery factor gives him a little bit of upside. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

19. Eli Manning, QB, NYG - Age 33

What happened here? He was dismal last season. Even at his best, he's a fringe QB1, so unless you're in a 2QB league there's not much to get excited about.

20. Joe Flacco, QB, BAL - Age 29

Yet another mid-level veteran starter who offers no real value in QB1 leagues. - Trade Value 2 Stars

21. Andy Dalton, QB, CIN - Age 26

Exposed as a mediocrity when facing tough competition. He'll never be much more than what he is and what he is isn't very valuable. - Trade Value 3 Stars

22. E.J. Manuel, QB, BUF - Age 24

No indication that he's anything more than average. At this stage I'll gamble on his youth and potential. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

23. Geno Smith, QB, NYJ - Age 23

Horrendous as a rookie. Needs to make major strides. - Trade Value 1 Star

24. Ryan Mallett, QB, NE - Age 26

Why not take a chance on his upside here? It's a longshot, but if he hits, he could be worth a lot more than the next dozen guys ahead of him. - Trade Value 1 Star

25. Case Keenum, QB, HOU - Age 26

Is he the guy here or just a placeholder? Probably the latter.

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