Fantasy Football 2014 dynasty Rankings: : RB
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2014 Dynasty League Rankings

My Dynasty rankings are predicated on a three year window. To project six seasons long term is unrealistic and not feasible considering the flux of free agency and the injury impact of the NFL. Along with different Dynasty league formatting. I factor individual talent, supporting cast, system, injury history/character concerns, and perceived value in the eyes of Dynasty players.

A difference-maker for the next 2-3 seasons. - Trade Value 5 Stars

2. Doug Martin, RB, TB - Age 25

A quality three down back in the prime of his career. He's not as talented as some of the older backs in the league, but he should have a lot more left in the tank. - Trade Value 5 Stars
Dynamite in 2013. Expect more of the same in 2014. He probably only has 2-3 peak years left, but those seasons can really help your team make a title push. - Trade Value 5 Stars
Showed strong playmaking ability as a pass catcher during his rookie season. If he can expand his rushing production in future seasons, the sky is the limit for his FF potential. - Trade Value 5 Stars

5. Eddie Lacy, RB, GB - Age 23

I'm not sold that he's a special talent, but his opportunity is excellent. He should be locked in as the starter in Green Bay for another couple years and if he can stay healthy during that time period, there's no real reason to expect a dropoff. - Trade Value 5 Stars
A very good all-around back. His contract is up in 2015 and, with Michael waiting in the wings, 2014 might be his last hurrah as a Seahawk. Do not expect more than another year or two of peak performance. - Trade Value 3.5 Stars
He's the best back of the past half decade, but he's coming up on the end of his prime and is likely to be overvalued based on name recognition and past accomplishments. His numbers dropped significantly in 2013 an he just had offseason groin surgery, so buyer beware. He has far more value to immediate contenders than rebuilders. Do not expect more than 1.5 peak years. - Trade Value 3.5 Stars
A massive disappointment as a second year pro. He didn't top 4.0 YPC or 100 rushing yards all season. There's no way to sugarcoat that kind of performance. On the other hand, I think he showed legit talent in college and it's hard for me to believe that the guy we saw in 2013 is the
Showed signs of maturing in 2013 after a disappointing 2012 season. Even with Woodhead around, he should be the main man in San Diego for another year and is talented enough to sign elsewhere as a starter in 2015 if the Bolts let him walk. - Trade Value 3 Stars

10. Le'Veon Bell, RB, PIT - Age 21

Put up strong FF numbers in 2013 despite a slow start and a general lack of dynamic plays in the running game. He lacks explosiveness, but has quick feet, decent speed, and rare receiving ability for a big back. I question his staying power, but he's the man in Pittsburgh and I don't see that changing for at least another year. So pencil him in for solid FF numbers in 2014 and reevaluate during/after the season in case you decide to trade him. - Trade Value 5 Stars
Morris has been one of the better pure runners in the league over the past two seasons. However, his lack of receiving skills puts a low cap on his FF potential and the Shanahan firing could influence his output if the new coach changes the system. - Trade Value 3 Stars
A much better athlete than Lacy/Bell/Stacy. He might end up being the best of that group in time. I think you can justify taking him as high as RB6-7 for rebuilding teams. We may not see him for another year two though and durability is a lingering question mark. He will look dynamic when he gets his chance, but will he be able to stay healthy? That is what keeps him from being an obvious tier one guy. - Trade Value 4 Stars

13. Zac Stacy, RB, STL - Age 23

Had a pretty good debut season and was more impressive than Lacy/Bell in some respects. I'm still on the fence about his long term viability, but he could be a nice value if he proves that he's a real long term starter and not just a stopgap guy. - Trade Value 4.5 Stars

14. C.J. Spiller, RB, BUF - Age 26

Had a very disappointing FF season in 2013. Seems destined to be more of a dynamic tease than a legitimate workhorse back and he's no longer young. However, the talent is undeniable and if he can piece it all together for a year or two he can elevate your FF team. - Trade Value 4 Stars

15. Reggie Bush, RB, DET - Age 29

He's brittle, he's getting old, and he doesn't carry a full workload, but even so Bush is a good candidate for a couple more years of solid RB2 numbers in PPR formats. - Trade Value 3.5 Stars

16. Matt Forte, RB, CHI - Age 28

Forte has quietly had a monstrous FF career, but much like Lynch/Peterson he's an expiring asset coming up on the end of his days. You'll have to weigh how much 1-2 years of solid production mean to your roster compared with the long term potential of guys like Lacy, Michael, and Richardson. - Trade Value 4.5 Stars

17. Arian Foster, RB, HOU - Age 27

A falling star whose production has slipped for three years in a row. If he can come back healthy and once again be the workhorse back for Houston he could prove to be a tremendous value compared with the price of Peterson/Lynch/Forte. However, there are some question marks and much like those guys he's getting long in the tooth. - Trade Value 3.5 Stars
He can't be trusted to stay healthy, but he's in his prime and he puts up useful numbers when he's in the lineup. For a mid-low RB2, that's enough. - Trade Value 4 Stars

19. Montee Ball, RB, DEN - Age 23

I think Ball is an average talent by NFL standards, but that may be good enough for a couple seasons of useful production in Denver if he can stave off his competition. - Trade Value 4 Stars

20. Ben Tate, RB, CLE - Age 25

He's finally a free agent and he should have the opportunity to sign with a team that will give him a prominent role. Durability has been a problem for years and while he seemingly has the talent to be reasonably productive, he will need to stay healthy. - Trade Value 3.5 Stars

21. Stevan Ridley, RB, NE - Age 25

He's really not that great and his contract expires after this next season, so it's probably best to look at him as a one year play rather than someone you can rely on long term. - Trade Value 3 Stars
He showed signs of life in the second half of the season and could be a nice 1-2 year play on his next team. Obviously do not expect a long shelf life. - Trade Value 2 Stars
I think he's probably just a committee back long term, but his per-touch production in 2013 was excellent and you can't totally eliminate the possibility of him eventually getting a heavier workload. In that case he could really leap up the boards. - Trade Value 4 Stars

24. Ray Rice, RB, BAL - Age 27

One of the biggest fallers from a year ago. Rice looked downright pedestrian last season and was nearly useless in many FF formats. At this point there's a serious question of whether or not he's even worth more than Pierce, who is nipping at his heels. Pray for a bounce back. - Trade Value 4 Stars
A mega talent whose career has been plagued by low opportunity and some injuries. He's still young enough to have a renaissance if he can shake the injury bug and finally get a chance to be featured. Those are big ifs.

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