Fantasy Football 2014 dynasty Rankings: : RB
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2014 Dynasty League Rankings

My Dynasty rankings are predicated on a three year window. To project six seasons long term is unrealistic and not feasible considering the flux of free agency and the injury impact of the NFL. Along with different Dynasty league formatting. I factor individual talent, supporting cast, system, injury history/character concerns, and perceived value in the eyes of Dynasty players.

Scraped his way to a top 10 finish and could have a renaissance with a new team in 2014, but you get the sense that the end is near for the soon-to-be 29 year old speed back. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

27. Bryce Brown, RB, BUF - Age 23

Highly inconsistent after a promising rookie season. There is big upside at this price tag if he can turn the corner and eventually become a starter in the league.
Regressed big time as a second year player, though with Rice's YPC also in the toilet you have to wonder how much of that was the blocking. I think he has starter potential. Durability and short term opportunity help suppress his value for the time, but he's a nice player to have in your back pocket just in case. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

29. Mark Ingram, RB, NO - Age 24

Finally showed some flashes in year three. If he can go to a new team that's willing to commit to his workmanlike style, he has a chance to be a Cedric Benson-like starter. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

30. Toby Gerhart, RB, JAX - Age 27

Finally out of Peterson's shadow. He's a big back with decent talent and underrated receiving skills. The million dollar question is where will he sign? If he goes to an open situation like Oakland or Cleveland, he can be a top 15-20 redraft back. If he lands in a backup role, he will be waiver material.

31. Shonn Greene, RB, TEN - Age 28

Poised to take over as the starter with Chris Johnson likely heading out the door. We know Greene is never going to be a superstar and any rookie Tennessee drafts would be a threat to his workload, but don't rule out the possibility of 1-2 more seasons of moderately useful numbers like we got from him in New York.
I'm not sold on his durability and I think his talent is overrated, but he has a lot of name brand value and seems like a viable candidate to become Gore's successor. If you buy him now and trade him once the hype starts building, you could turn a decent profit. - Trade Value 3.5 Stars

33. Shane Vereen, RB, NE - Age 25

Strictly a pass-catching RB2-RB3 for FF purposes. He doesn't run the ball enough to be more than that and it's hard to imagine that suddenly changing this late in his career. - Trade Value 4 Stars
PPR specialist coming up on the end of his utility. Nothing more than a one year RB2-RB3 rental at this point.
Totally average player whose stats were inflated by Denver's system. Where will he go and will he be a starter? - Trade Value 3 Stars
A bit one-dimensional, but he's had some stretches of nice production in his career. Much like with Gerhart, his outlook hinges almost completely on what kind of deal he gets in free agency. - Trade Value 2 Stars

37. David Wilson, RB, NYG - Age 23

Totally underwhelming in 2013 and now he has spinal issues to boot. I wouldn't give up much of anything to get him, but if he can somehow overcome all of those issues there's upside. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

38. Knile Davis, RB, KC - Age 22

Showed flashes as a rookie before getting injured again. Likely doesn't have the durability to stick. He could get hot and spike his stock a couple times though. - Trade Value 3 Stars

39. Lamar Miller, RB, MIA - Age 23

Did not seize his opportunity last season. His YPC was okay, but the coaching staff did not seem interested in featuring him. He's running out of time to make his case. - Trade Value 2.5 Stars

40. Frank Gore, RB, SF - Age 31

Great career, but the end is near and it's hard to see more than one season of RB2-RB3 numbers left in the tank.
Ancient with lots of mileage. Finally showing signs of wearing down. Strictly a one year desperation rental at this point.

42. Chris Ivory, RB, NYJ - Age 26

Mediocrity without much value. Will not be very relevant without significant improvement. Job security will be under threat if the Jets draft or sign someone else.
Nothing more than a pass catcher masquerading as a RB. His numbers should be modest with Mathews re-emerging. - Trade Value 1.5 Stars

44. Andre Brown, RB, HOU - Age 27

He's constantly injured. He's probably the best back on the Giants roster right now though and he can be useful in spurts if they don't add another body.
An average back who could see his value jump up with a change of scenery.
A dark horse to beat out Ball and win the Denver job. If you've got Ball, it would be wise to try to acquire Anderson for cheap as insurance.
High draft pick and great college player. Could be a sneaky cheap buy. I think he's probably a committee back in the long run though.
A flop in Oakland. Best chance at value is going to a new team and being used as a dynamic change of pace back rather than masquerading as an every down player. - Trade Value 2 Stars
Awesome NFL player, but offers very limited in value in FF as an aging back mired in a probable committee situation.

50. Dion Lewis, RB, CLE - Age 23

Cheap lottery ticket. Could be given a shot to earn a prominent role in 2014 after the McGahee experiment failed in Cleveland. It will depend on what the Browns do in the draft/free agency.

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