A Look Back at Week 11 with Ian Ritchie
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A Look Back at Week 11 with Ian Ritchie

Our fearless leader with his humorous take on Week 11
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Why is it that all the officials that have never played football were quick to back up the NFL and the no-call with Gronkowski on Monday night, while all the former players that actually played the game said it was a terrible call? There is a real disconnect with the league in so many areas.

Bobby Rainey made it rain on Sunday with an amazing game. It's hard to imagine he could not beat out Willis McGahee in Cleveland. One trick pony? We shall see.
I found myself at the Indian Casino watching the Thursday night game. Before it started, I donated a few dollars to the slots before walking over to Roulette. I noticed 8 Black in a row and could not help myself. As quickly as you could say Trent Richardson, I dropped $20 on Red and lost. I dropped another $20 on Red and lost again. That was 10 straight Black. As the game started and I watched Donald Brown run circles around my starter Trent Richardson, I could not help but think of the parallels with my Roulette experience. I have to be right sometime, don't I?
Harry Douglas continues to produce and exceed expectations. A career slot receiver has now gotten a chance out wide in two receiver sets and is trying to prove he belongs. He has earned starting spots on Fantasy rosters.
Steven Ridley only played 6 snaps after fumbling early in the game. With Shane "Wool" Vereen back in the fold, Ridley better hang on to the ball or he will be holding a clipboard.
Cam Newton has the look. Period. Gary Kubiak benched Case Keenum during the game and brought in Matt Schaub. I think Kubiak is still on pain drugs because no clear headed person would have made that move.
Watching the Denver Broncos offense against a physical KC Defense made me think of a couple things. First off, KC at home will be a real challenge for Denver and I think KC may be able to beat them. Secondly, the way they bullied Wes Welker, I think they are on to something. It's one thing to play bump and run physical, it's quite another to make him really PAY every play and pick himself up off the ground. Nice job Flowers. Going to Arrowhead will not be fun.
Rice, Rice, Baby. Ding Ding Ding da da ding ding! Cooking MC's like a pound of Bacon.
Mike Glennon came through on his promise and got Vincent Jackson the ball all game long. Is it really that easy against Atlanta? Before the game, I say I am going to throw the ball a lot to Vincent Jackson. The game starts and I throw the ball a lot to Vincent Jackson. I could be an Offense Coordinator.
Amazing first half of football for Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Amazing to watch what the combination of Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger have been able to do. Yoda called the shootout in a shout out to me Sunday morning. More on Yoda to come.
When Carson Palmer throws for over 400 yards and Larry Fitzgerald only has 61 yards, you must take notice. Many great High Stakes fantasy players predicted the Larry Fitzgerald baton pass to Michael Floyd this season. I am loyal to Fitz.
--- Nationally syndicated radio personality Fantasy Frankie has been working on the Nick Bonsanto show a couple times per week. If you want some great Las Vegas based insight into Fantasy Football projections, Fantasy Frankie is your guy.---
Adrian Peterson had some opportunities, he just missed them against the Seahawks. There were a few plays that Peterson would have taken it to the house had his groin not been an issue. It's a little concerning if you own him and need big production down the stretch. Try and scoop up Gerhart just in case, you might get a late season start out of him.
Those Jets are tough to figure out. For that matter, so are the Bills. Going into that game and Buffalo missing their two best wide receivers, I thought there would be a dramatically different result. Head scratcher.
Ever since the Eagles played the Cowboys a few weeks ago, their defense has played very well. To begin the season, it was start every fantasy guy on your roster against the Eagles. Maybe that perception is starting to change. RG only got garbage points, luckily for fantasy owners, they count the same.
Speaking of garbage time, Jordan Cameron owners are begging for it to come back his way. After an extremely hot start, he had nowhere to go but down. Hopefully he cranks it back up a few games down the stretch.
The Jags did not target Cecil Shorts until there were seven minutes left in the fourth quarter and only targeted him twice all game. Amazing. After his post game outburst, he will get his looks this week. Take it to the BANK.
The email came in early Saturday morning. I think Yoda is really starting to like this new found nickname and fame. He is almost gloating in his incredible success rate. I keep waiting for him to cool off, but am realizing he might be that good. His email convinced me to start Big Ben and Antonio Brown this weekend in my DraftKings lineup. He was also big on the Bills' Defense. Needless to say, my team cashed and I felt like their was a higher force involved.
"Well, I'm not dumb, but I can't understand
How he can lift me in the air just by raising his hand
Oh, my Yoda
Yo-yo-yo-yo Yoda
Yo-yo-yo-yo Yoda"
Yes, I know its Weird Al, but I have always like Lola by the Kinks so I could not help myself.
--- I was fortunate enough to fool the folks at the local Fox affiliate in Las Vegas and get a live spot on their morning show to discuss Fantasy Football. I got an email from the anchor the other day telling me he is making his move just in time for the playoffs. Good luck Jason, keep it rolling my man.----
The clichés were in full force after the Raiders pulled off an upset against the Houston Texans on Sunday. Matt McGloin is a poor man's Jeff Garcia is all I kept hearing. Here we go again on the "poor man's" routine. It is not a compliment and McGloin threw for three TDs. Is it better to call him a rich man's Gradkowski?
Miami beat the San Diego Chargers even though they are going through all of this turmoil. Sometimes turmoil makes teams circle the wagons. Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.....I mean the Miami Dolphins. Sorry, Chris Berman.
The Browns have finally given up on Willis McGahee, so The Foz and Ogbonnaya are getting more touches. If you are desperate or in a deep league, you could do a lot worse than Ogbonnaya.
Matt Forte is a PRODUCER. The kind of fantasy player that helps you sleep at night because he is very consistent. It makes no difference whether it is Cutler or McCown behind center. Sleep tight, no reverse hex intended.
Looks to me like Ryan Fitzpatrick is very comfortable throwing to Delanie Walker. With Fitz behind center the rest of the season, Walker is a great late season spark plug. When he had his helmet off and got head butted late in the game, you would have thought it would have hurt. Not Delanie "Sky" Walker.
When Andre Ellington had his dreadlocks pulled out during the game on Sunday, I thought to myself, its about time. If I was playing defense in the NFL, I would be yanking that hair out of any guy that was dumb enough to let it all hang out. I bet it hurt and he deserved every bit of that pain for the pain he did to some of my DraftKings lineups. Steven Jackson, you're next my man.
CJ2K had a huge first half against the Colts. That is about where it ended, but at least the first half was enough to satisfy fantasy owners. Straight up Titans fans, probably not.
Take 2 Tolzien and call me in the morning. If the diarrhea continues, pray for Rodgers to return immediately.
Don't look now, but the Giants are on a roll. Contender or Pretender? Defense and running the football seems to be the recipe for them. If Hakeen Nicks can rekindle the flame, they may sneak into some playoff conversations. Don't laugh.
I mentioned Roddy White last week as a possible close strong candidate and his schedule looks juicy. A late nasty TD on Sunday was just what the Doctor ordered. Get him in your lineups.
---- My friend that now lives in LA has fallen in love with Fantasy Football. His wife, not so much. She sees no value in it, saya that he always loses and when he loses, turns into a bad person she calls SUNDAY NIGHT LARRY. SUNDAY NIGHT LARRY is very difficult to get along with, becomes very irritable and never wants to go out and do anything. Sounds like there is some SUNDAY NIGHT LARRY in all of us. He was forced into a deal to play this season. Win money and you can continue, lose money and it is all over but the crying. Luckily, this year SUNDAY NIGHT LARRY is on a winning streak, leads his league and is poised to make a run in the playoffs. I asked SUNDAYNIGHT LARRY what his wife thought now that he might win some cash. He summed it up very quickly, "Momma needs a new pair of shoes". Sounds like SUNDAY NIGHT LARRY's wife is a lot like the rest of our wives that do not play. The winnings are for the Queen of the household. Were all rooting for you SUNDAY NIGHT LARRY, may the force be with you. ---
---I received an email this week from a guy telling me I get full credit for a trade he made that has helped him win his regular season fantasy league. He gave me all sorts of amazing compliments and said he would always tell people to follow FFtoolbox and our advice. The problem is, I never told him to make the trade that he made, and I probably would have told him not to make the trade, ironically. Kind of puts me in a spot and I am not sure I can take credit for something I had nothing to do with. I mentioned this problem to my wife and her advice was great. Take all the credit you can get because you always get blamed for things you don't do. That's my girl. ----
I know these are the big money weeks in fantasy contests and I think you are foolish not to trust Greg Olsen down the stretch. Watching the game against the Patriots, there was no doubt Olsen was a big part of the offense. If he could just make a few big plays down the seam.
T.Y. Hilton is great, but his talents may be limited. That's not to say he won't be successful, he's just one of those guys you have to figure out ways to get involved, as opposed to him being able to impose his will on others. It's difficult to reach that next level without that ability.
If I were D-Bowe and got pulled over for smoking pot the week of a huge game, I would play my ass off too. It's just really too bad he was not pulled over while in Denver, he could have shared it with the police. Maybe that is the recipe to motivate him. It can be like the old school college drinking games at the Frat with the Police song Roxanne. Every time they sang "Roxanne", the ladies would drink and every time they sang "Put on the red light" the guys would drink. With Bowe it would work this way. Every catch, he gets a toke; every TD, he gets a joint. He gets over 1000 yards receiving, he gets an ounce. Over 100 catches, he gets a pound. I bet you he would have a career year, sky HIGH numbers for sure.
Is it strange that Jonathan Martin's mom used to be a workplace harassment lawyer? Quite a coincidence, especially after reports of him seeing a shrink for PTSD after leaving the team. Textbook. Before you hate on me, I am not defending Richie Incognito, only pointing out something I found interesting.
The Lions benched Reggie Bush after he fumbled early in the game. The reason seemed obvious at the time. Hearing Jim Schwartz say he did not bench Reggie for fumbling, but played Bell because Reggie was "not a mudder" was an interesting take. Makes sense to me on the surface and no I did not go back and research his games on crappy surfaces. He did slip a few times pretty badly, that's good enough for me.
Everyone has to root for our very own Scott Atkins to get his week 16 DraftKings ticket. If anyone in this industry need a dog in that fight, it is Scott. If we get to week 15 and Scott is still fighting, we are going to pass the hat. Tis the season.
Rumor has it NFL players are going to lose their insurance policies and will be forced to switch before year end to much more expensive plans. Just kidding, but it shows how bad things have become that you believed me without a second of hesitation.
Lastly, I wanted to pass along a story I heard this weekend:
It seems there are a tremendous number of military members stationed overseas that are not only fantasy football fanatics, but also log on to FFtoolbox to get all of their information. They have teams in our MockDraft World Championship and track them like it's the most important thing in the world. Imagine that, thinking their teams and what we do at FFtoolbox is the most important thing in the world to them during their down time serving our country. I can honestly tell you, that makes my heart melt. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that we can do for them to make their time overseas more enjoyable is a great feeling. Nothing but RESPECT to you guys and thank you for your service.
Good luck in Week 12 and may the Force Be With You.

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