Seven Habits of Highly Effective FF Players
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Seven Habits of Highly Effective FF Players

5. Beware of 2 back systems
NFL teams that use 2 running backs to split carries will kill your fantasy team every year. You are asking for a year long headache wondering which one will perform better on a weekly basis. While both Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney put up solid numbers last year for New England, they were held back because they split carries. Very rarely did they put up big numbers the same week, and it was nearly impossible for their fantasy owners to predict which would put up the big numbers on any given week. So it's important to try and find the running backs who are the clear cut #1 guys. If you have the choice between a back who is "the guy" on his team or one that you know will be splitting carries/goal line touches, take the 1 back guy regardless of talent difference.

6. Be active in trades and in the free agent market
If you think your season ends after the draft, you're very wrong. Managing your team through trades and free agent pickups will go a long way in determining your squad's outcome. Keeping an eye on injuries and teams depth charts are the key to free agent pickups. If a starter or back up gets injured, be sure not to wait and make a move to pick any free agent that might gain from the injury. Fantasy is all about managing your team and having fun while doing so; nothing is more fun than pulling off deals to try to improve your squad. Not every deal has to be a blockbuster and you don't always have to go after the top level players. Usually they will cost you too much anyways. Seek out players who are at a low that you think will turn around for some reason and try to add them while their value is still low and affordable.

7. Depth, depth, and more depth
Too many times I've witnessed guys who leave the draft room gloating about the strength of their starting team. These are the guys I laugh at. Injuries affect EVERYONE during the football season and if you're caught with a lack of depth, your season could be over very early. To make sure your season doesn't end when you suffer through injuries, you need to make sure that when your stars go down you can plug someone else in that can contribute and not someone that will put up a doughnut. Not only does depth help you when you're dealing with injuries, but having some quality players on your bench will help when you decide to make some trades. So don't go to sleep once you finished drafting your starters, make sure you walk away from the draft with the deepest team possible and solid back ups at every position. You don't want to be held hostage by the other owners because your best player got injured and you have no depth to help you.

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